Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Sunday in Advent

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to preach at two of our services at Church of Our Saviour in Chicago.   I love Advent, and the time leading into Christmas and the holidays!

One of my great discoveries this Advent, thanks to a 7 year old (son of some friends) is that Lego now makes an Advent calendar!  (after preaching about this, everyone wants one, I think Lego owes me commission for future Advent calendar sales from Episcopalians in Chicago!)

It was good to think about Advent, waiting, and yesterday's Gospel theme "Emmanuel - God is with us".  (I got some great insight from the above mentioned 7 year old on God with us)  There is God in community (communities like Lego Advent calendar cities), congregational communities, community at camp..."It's the second day of camp, and I've already found God"  (wisdom from a 6th grade boy!)  The blessing of a church camp!

How is God with us? - 7 year old child wisdom:  "God is in our hearts!"

Now we wait for the last few characters from a Lego Advent Calendar, and for the arrival of the Christ child, and our communities of family, friends, and worshipping communities to gather - God is with us!

Stay tuned:
Stay tuned for more posts as I travel during my sabbatical in early 2011.  My friends who are not on facebook (and those who are on facebook as well) have requested that I post a blog - with pictures, of course.