Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sabbatical - Day 1

Well, things could have got off to a better start.    We have new computers at the office, which would be a good thing, and will be eventually, but yesterday was a nightmare just finding things and getting used to it.  I couldn't find anything or figure out how to do anything (ok, quickly where is the office clipboard - found it) I still have so much more to work on.  

Well, my laptop computer also needs to talk to the server (calendar and contacts are an essential thing while travelling - all of my contacts and appointments are in there).   I thought it would be easier than it was (I knew it would be complicated, it always is)   They ended up having to wipe all of my documents, files and PICTURES from the laptop (never fear, they are all backed up, I trust no electronic device)  I have spent the day reloading files and saving only pictures that are necessary to have in the computer back to the computer.  I just need a computer with enough memory for pictures.  Not the way I wanted to start sabbatical - day 1 (more errands to run, more things to declutter at home...)

I did run some errands, including a trip to Ritz Camera (finally got a small case for the DSLR camera, rather than wrapping it in a t-shirt and putting it in my backpack), I can put the case in the backpack. I could, however, see the office from that store, which was weird, really weird.

It is hard to disconnect from things, I am working on it, but will remember that the relationships are still intact, even if I won't be in attendance at events for the next 3 months.  It's just weird. Thanks to Alec for chatting with me today!

I am also aware that I am nothing without you all - the people in my life.  So thanks, and communicate with me!

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